The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

Glasses should enhance your face! Not conceal it! So here’s a guide on how to find the right glasses for your face shape!

Sorry for the late upload. My hard drive failed and I had to re-edit this entire video!

My makeup line “em” as well as products, tips and tricks from this look:

If you want to see the high pigmented color payoff, check out Raeview’s swatches from The Life Palette!

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music by Daniela Andrade

“Bright Blue” “Things We’ve Said” “Something to Say”

Products in order

The Great Cover Up – Ultimate Concealer (Light Neutral/Cool)

Waterliner (Ro’s Gold):

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Duo Liquid Liner

Chiaroscuro Contour and Highlighter Stick (Light): I highly recommend this product! If there is any product I recommend from my line, it’s this one!

Artistic Eye Color Palette – Casablanca Neutrals

End Shot Glasses – Hotel De Ville Eyewear:

This is not a sponsored video. Em Michelle Phan is my own makeup line. I will still be using all brands! Video edited by yours truly 🙂


Nicole Nicky
Nicole Nicky

Hi im nicole aka nicky. Im the senior editor for the rich money models empire. I am in charge of a team of 8 writers.

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