Summer Every Day Look | Trinny London Makeup Tutorial

In the summer, day to day, I want to have a fresh glowing face. Today I show you a few of my tips and tricks to get that reflective base and a little shimmer to the cheeks and lips to create depth and a healthy flush.

For more information on the products mentioned go to my T Time blog:

BFF Cream SPF 30 in Light Medium (£35)

Just A Touch in Trintron (£28)

Cheekbones in Kate (£25)

Flush Blush in Wiggs (£20)

Mattifying Balm in Face Finish (£25)

Eye2Eye in Wisdom (£18)

Eye2Eye in Empress (£18)

Lip Luxe in Eugenie (£22)

Lip Glow in Maddie (£16)

Lip Love in Sacha (£24)

The Right Light in Starlight (£25)


Nicole Nicky
Nicole Nicky

Hi im nicole aka nicky. Im the senior editor for the rich money models empire. I am in charge of a team of 8 writers.

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