Sleeping Bacchante | Scan the World Ep 4

This is the fourth in a series of videos featuring prints from the Scan The World initiative. All models featured can be found on

Music in this video is used by permission from Guilhem Desq. The original music video can be found at

Scan the World is an ambitious community-built initiative whose mission is to share 3D printable sculpture and cultural artefacts using democratised 3D scanning technologies, producing an extensive ecosystem of free to download digital cultural heritage. In making culture accessible, communities are encouraged to share their scans, stories, and creations with the goal to bring tangible heritage to the masses. Share your stories with us at!

In Greek mythology, Bacchantes were the female followers of Dionysus. The name literally translates as “raving ones”, often portrayed as inspired by Dionysus into a state of ecstatic frenzy through a combination of dancing and intoxication.

In art, Bacchantes are depicted either dancing or sleeping. They are often dressed in fox-skin, the penchant of their God. In this sculpture by Johan Peter Molin, the sleeping female is resting on a fox-skin, surrounded by empty chalices and grape vines.

These 3D scans have been produced with an Artec Eva with the ambition to produce a digital representation as close to the original as possible. However, the presented scans are not to be regarded as duplicates as due to inaccessible areas etc deviations from the original might occur

This video’s model :


Print settings: .16mm layer height 15% infill 3 perimeters – temps: hot end 210 bed 60 Mika3D Silk Copper PLA


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