Shopee Code League 2020 – Data Science 101 Session 1 by Coding Lab

In this course, students will first be introduced to the fundamentals of database design. Students will learn about the relational database model and apply design principles to create databases applicable to real-life situations. Students will combine SQLite, a popular database engine module in Python, with other Python modules they have learned to perform data processing and analytics. They will see the application of these skills in areas such as Finance, Bioinformatics, Supply Chain, and Marketing.

Session 1: Pandas and Matplotlib & Plotly

During this training you would learn:

Introduction to Pandas
Pandas DataFrame
Reading JSON, CSV, Excel, HTML and XML Data
Graphing with Matplotlib and Plotly
Visualization with Matplotlib

Google Colab:

00:00 Start
01:20 Start of session
02:52 Overview
09:12 Google Colab
16:03 Checkpoint 1
16:30 Pandas
18:30 Data Frame

Credits to Coding Lab

Data Science 101 Session 2 by Coding Lab

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