Rich money model records Is a record company/label , a brandor trademark of music videos and music recordings. Rich money model records is also a publishing company, that manages such brands and


trademarks,coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion,

and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos, while also conducting talent scouting and development of new artists (“artists and repertoire” or “A&R”), and maintaining contracts with recording artists and their managers.

History of Runway Modelling

recording artists have traditionally been reliant upon record labels to broaden their consumer base, market their albums, and promote their singles on streaming services, radio, and television.

Record labels also provide publicists, who assist performers in gaining positive media coverage, and arrange for their merchandise to be available via stores and other media outlets.

Its a fact, that many unsigned artist out there are caught up in the great playlist spam-a-thon of 2020 trying to get some playlist owner to add their song. This is testimony to the fact , that they don’t know what they are doing.

While an artist can develop their own content and fan base, record labels can expose that artist to a larger audience in a short amount of time.

Rich money model records provides major areas of guidance to artist, including but not limited to picking out their best material and advising them which songs have the best potential and guidance on the best recording

Runway Modelling By RMM

What is runway modelling

and mastering of those songs which involves technical engineers with experience with the recording process, often working with the producer, who at least has ears, if not in depth technical knowledge.
The third major area is the business side, with all of its heinous complexity, from copyright management to booking tours. Labels also act as personal advocates..

Rich money model records finances the production and distribution of the album, thru billboards, ads, internet advertising, Youtube ads, etc. to get a band’s music heard far and wide.

How to Walk by RMM

Keeping a smooth and natural step

Rich money model records has the IN with the radio industry to get a song/album into circulation /playlists
on radios nationwide. Also, Rich money model records have connections to other more famous acts that smaller bands can tour with. Rich money model records have

connections to more famous album producers who can take that song and make it more radio- friendly, give it a better format and form the album so it’s more cohesive and listenable all in one go.

How to become a model By RMM

No need to spend money on expensive photoshoots.

Rich money model records provide three key things: booked shows, manage business affairs and help artist make tough decisions about everything,

We started RMM Records to give other unsigned artists the chance to release and promote their tracks, and take control of their own music career.