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RICA Wax for legs video shot at Cocoon Salon. There are different kinds of waxing products like for example, Normal wax, Chocolate wax, RICA Wax etc. Every wax product might have different steps and please read the instructions carefully. Here, you will understand how RICA wax being done.

Rica wax is used to remove hair from the body surface like legs, hands etc. Waxing helps you remove the hair from roots, so the skin feels smoother and new hair growth takes little longer than shaving. Waxing also helps you remove the dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin. So, the skin looks fresh, clean and beautiful.

Rica wax provides smooth results for three to four weeks. When the new hair grows back after waxing, it will grow weaker, making it finer and softer.

RICA Wax Steps:
IF you are doing for the first time you should try in the presence of an expert.

Rica wax step 1:

You must heat the Rica wax first in a liposoluble heater. In this Rica wax video, we have used ASBA Professional Liposoluble heater to heat the Rica wax. Make the temperature to 160-degree centigrade or as required depending on the weather conditions.

You have to put the Rica wax tin directly inside the heater and remove the lid to check how the wax coming down to the semi-liquid state for proper and even application.

Once you are happy about the wax state, just turn down the temperature to 100-degree centigrade or as required and let the heater run to keep the Rica wax in required state and warm state.

Rica wax step 2:

While the Rica wax getting heated, invite the client and give a gown and let her relax. Clean your hands with a sanitizer and use gloves if desired.

Take Rica Cotton Milik Pre-wax gel which cleanses and sanitizes the area applied. It removes any traces of sweat, body lotion or greasiness. Apply this to the area you want to wax. After this, you may pat dry if needed.

Now check the wax and use a spatula to stir if needed to check the wax is in a liquid state for the proper and even application.

Rica wax step 3:

Keep the wax strip ready with you and take wax with a spatula as shown in the video and apply a thin layer of Rica liposoluble wax in the DIRECTION of the hair growth.

IMP NOTE: NEVER delay at this point. Use was strip immediately to remove Rica wax using the wax strip.

Take the wax strip and make sure you press down firmly. Leave a leftover bit of strip hanging off at the end not touching any of your hair.
Pull the strip off in the opposite direction of hair growth
Do this fast.
If it hurts after you pull off the strip push your palm down on your leg and apply some pressure.

In this Rica wax video, beautician has spread long patches of wax. You may use small patches of Rica wax application as needed.

Continue doing this and don’t use strip repeatedly or apply Rica wax repeatedly at the same area as it may hurt the skin.

IMPORTANT: IF for some reason RICA wax stuck the skin and wax strip unable to remove it off the skin, just stop the procedure and use Rica after wax lotion to remove the wax from the skin slowly using your hands.

Rica wax final step 4: Once all the hair removal is done using the Rica wax, apply Rica After wax lotion which helps in removing any residual wax and also works as a soothing and calming agent for the skin.

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