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Do you want to include Sexy walks, Street walk, and Runway modeling walk into your catalog as a model? Do you want to know What not to do when walking on the runway? How about knowing what your Best runway walk is and how to double down on it to be more effective? Or knowing Where to look when you’re walking? Do you feel you need to know How to position your back and your shoulders as a model for good posture? If you said yes to any of the questions above, worry no more. This book is exactly what you need! Written by the fashion god himself, fashion manifesto “How to walk “aims to help you get a grasp of what walking the catwalk looks like, this book will teach you, not only cat walks but Sexy walks, Street walk, and Runway modeling walks. These are key walks every model needs to know of. This book will also teach you and show you things not to do when you’re walking on the runway. Contained in this book is information to help you identify what your best runway walk is, where to look when you’re walking on the runway, and how to position your back and your shoulders as a model. You don’t want to miss the valuable information in this manifesto. This manifesto and its secrets on walking has been used by many and the results are fascinating. Waste no time, scroll up hit the buy now button, and get yourself a copy of this book now!

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