The Bible of Cheating part 2…how to catch your partner cheating on dating apps and their smartphone (paperback)




Picture this: Your single friend is scrolling through a dating app on their smartphone, swiping left and right, matching with people every couple of minutes. They’re always on dating apps, and sometimes you like to sit next to her and make comments about the profiles.
But one day that changes. You’re sitting there like you usually do, and a profile comes up that’s a little too familiar. Maybe it’s just a picture of an all too familiar torso, or maybe the description reminds you of someone. Maybe the song attached to the profile is something you hear all the time, or maybe you see your bathroom sink in the background of one of their faceless photos. Maybe the distance says zero miles away.
Have you ever thought that your partner may be cheating on you by using dating apps on their smartphone? It could be happening, and you may never know unless you know how to look for it.
In the Bible of Cheating part two, we dive into how to catch your partner cheating when they are on dating apps on their smartphone. It’s easier than you think, and you deserve to know.

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Nicole Nicky

Hi im nicole aka nicky. Im the senior editor for the rich money models empire. I am in charge of a team of 8 writers.

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