Rich money models: The bible of modeling (Beauty) (ebook)


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There is alot that goes on in the modeling world, in front of the camera. Looks easy right? But its the part you dont see, that is the true price models pay to be the best! Modeling is an elegant and unique talent that must be worked on and polished over and over again to become a veteran model. However a true seasoned G-girl model, not only knows how to walk in heels, or look good, she also knows the business side of things and is very familiar with her craft and the many aspects of modeling. Take your time and learn the universe of modeling, thru the modeling bible, and get familiar with its diffrent venues and criterias. What may work for one model, may not work for another model. Learn where you fit in. Know your modeling sweet spot! The modeling bible is designed to help you search deep in your soul to determine where your beauty and talent can best shine and florish. Play with the scenarios in your head. See what comes natural. Recognize what you are not. Learn the platforms and all the rules. A sexy and knowlegeble model, is Unstoppable! So take em to church with the new information and model curriculum that the RICH MONEY MODELS BIBLE will teach you. -RMM


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