Rich money models: Lost books of the bible (ebook)


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The lost books of the modeling bible Is the masterpiece all models have been waiting for. In the rich money models modeling bible , we learned a variety of modeling aspects, From the types of modeling that there is to choose from, to the methods and formats a model is able to participate in and the do’s and don’ts of modeling and much more. Now that the rich money models modeling bible gave you a clear understanding and a basic models education , the lost books of the modeling Bible guides you even deeper into the angelic and marvelous world of allure, where the rich money models themselves and SuperModel Cynthia talks about their secrets to success and their day to day modeling lifestyle. Do you know how models eat or do you understand that it is a certain way a model sleeps ? learn the Pacific Ways a model trains her mind and thinks. Hear from rich money models the secrets to a tight hour glass shape body, how to attain a firm ,round and ignorant bubble buttocks, creating the most beautiful lashes , Growing longer , healthier and shinier hair , having dreamy soft skin and powerful penetrating deer eyes, how to sexy walk like us and much more. Rich money models has perfected this beauty and luxurious lifestyle. On the surface things may seem that it is all about the dazzling and exquisite fascinating splendor of a beautiful model. Contrary to popular believe however, like any school , university or college , the education and art of modeling is something you master. Like any profession, there is a discipline and a science to being beautiful, to being a top model , to being the supermodel that you know you can be, and a model that the world adores and cannot get enough of. In this book we take you from normal model life and thinking to a whole new universe And you get a chance to be a part of our world to see how the best of the best, beautifully differ from the rest! The lost books of the modeling Bible is here to complete your biblical knowledge on the law of beauty and glam!

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