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Medusa’s Back With a Vengeance – In a Stunning Fusion of Mythology. Glamour, and Action, This Book is a riveting adventure of The Goddess in Modern Times, Doing Things you Never Thought Possible May May is no ordinary model – she’s the embodiment of Medusa, brought back to Earth in the form of an exquisite beauty. With her striking looks and unparalleled charisma, she conquers the fashion world, reigning supreme in the elite realm of high-end fashion. But her true purpose is far from ordinary.
Beneath the glitz and glamour of the runway. May May harbors a secret mission that will leave a trail of bloodshed and chaos in her wake. She’s determined to complete her ultimate task, even if it means sheer terror for some.
The Greek gods are hot on her heels. determined to thwart her mission and bring her to justice. Amid the glitzy fashion shows and dazzling photo shoots, May May finds herself immersed in a world of rappers, strippers, and ruthless men, picking up more than a few modern human vices along the way.

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