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Do you want to learn more about Skincare, Nail care and Hair care as a model? Are you interested in Exercising and how to live a Healthy Diet as a fashion model? Do you want to start Yoga and Stretching, Practice Meditation & stress relief? If your looking forward to doing more Hygiene & Exfoliation, DIY Pampering and need Counseling as a model, then worry no more. This book, The Bible of Fashion Maintaining your appearance and mental game is exactly what you need.The pages of this book are full of life changing gold nuggets which will show you how you can do Proper Skincare, Nail care and Hair care as a model. It will also show you how to do Yoga and Stretching, Practice Meditation & stress relief to re boost your mental power as a model. Another subject this book covers is Hygiene & Exfoliation, DIY Pampering and Counseling as a model.The content in this book was born out of many disappointments from my personal life experiences and long hours of research. The aim is teaching you how to become an outstanding model with strong mental power and an attractive look. Does this look like something you will need? if yes, waste no further time. Scroll up and hit the buy now button and get yourself a copy of this book!

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