Photo Etching at Home– Professional Tools for Modelers

Super detailing models often involves adding photo etched parts and with a little knowledge and a bit of guidance you’ll soon be making your very own awesome detailed models with photo etched parts right at home!

Photo etching often scares people away because of the corrosive chemicals involved however with the method I use to create these awesome details I eliminate the corrosive photo developer and replace it with a safe washing detergent called Washing Soda.

I also show another way to make the etchant using a combination of 2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide and 1 part Hydrochloric Acid. We can’t completely avoid using corrosive chemicals however by using this particular recipe you won’t need to use Ferric Chloride which can be problematic in the way it stains everything it comes into contact with.

You can use photo etching for all sorts of projects whether you’re building a model train, a model diorama, a scale house or and architectural model, you could be building wargaiming terrain and even a dolls house… Anything really, and it’s not limited to any particular scale either. I’m modeling in HO scale and this technique of etching is perfect for making very fine details like security doors and mesh stairs as well as man hole covers.

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