Mystikal – Danger (Been So Long) ft. Nivea (Official Music Video)

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Go tell the DJ to put my shit on
I’m keepin’ you niggas and bitches in jump from the minute I get on
Taking they shit off, showing they tattoos,
screamin, and hollerin’ and all
Got the gift to come up with it,
put it together, deliver it, make them feel it, bitch I been on!
Sharp! Like you pulled me out the pencil sharpener
Bad! Like that student in the principal’s office
Put rappers in coffins
They dive like dolphins
I’m the lyrical marvel officer
Watch yourself!
Or fuck around and get beside yourself
I know! Go ahead though
Bounce them titties, shake ya ass, drop that pussy
Stay in line hoe
Fuck a think, cuz you can can
Cocked up, head down, pussy poppin’ on a handstand
Leave that pussy smoking
If you gonna lose something
Then bend over, and bust that pussy open

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