Modeling for relaxation

Modeling for us is more than just a few poses and looking good. Modeling is also a form of relaxation and even meditation. Walking on stage or down the catwalk gives a feeling of euphoria even a feeling of freedom. But it goes far beyond this. At home modeling in the form of an exercise even helps the body relax and builds muscles subtly. More than this, it’s even a form of meditation and the fact that, while modeling you can get lost in the spirit of modeling, old thoughts and baggage in your mine evaporates as you model and just feel your body in the flow of your energy and spirit and let go of your worries. There is great power in the body and so as models we understand this and we go into our body to relax and meditate and feel good all through simple modeling which many people may feel is just for beauty and entertainment. Try these exercises at home and see how it makes you feel. Stand in front of a large mirror or even in the bathroom. We as women experiment with this all the time as were doing makeup or doing hair and trying to be beautiful to do small things such as go to the store or go to a club or on a date . But in this exercise I want you to stand in front of the mirror, make yourself beautiful and just model. See yourself from all angles, make up your hair and many different styles, put on different kinds of makeup and blush, eyeliner, lipstick, ( if your natural, naturally make yourself beautiful) just model and make yourself over at least three to five times. If you have a large hallway mirror or a mirror where you can see your full body, just model in front of the mirror and put on several different outfits. Make yourself beautiful and just model. Do not think so much about what you’re doing, just get dolled up and do it. Try not to think so much about things going on in your life or what you have on the today’s “to do list” just model,model model, and model. As you get lost in the modeling, you will feel the relaxation and the Beautiful energy that modeling gives an individual. Then you will also be doing a subtitle form of exercising as it is not the easiest thing in the world to continuously pose over a long period Of time. Try doing this for about a week whenever you have spare time and you will feel a lot more better in your day to day operations and you will discover the power of modeling!

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