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RICH MONEY MODELS caught heavy attention in the sun filled paradise of Columbia South America, when after a beauty pagent , they were featured in a promotional video. Bogota, also called la Capeetal ( latin for the capital) was flooded with beautiful models from ………………… more in the Rich money models news section below.

Columbian Models pose for pics

Model Top Notch will not be hosting the 2020 Rich money models Ms. Rich money model contest. Instead she will be participating in the new sequel “ MODEl MURDER”, which will began productions this spring.
Model Top Notch is one of our brightest lingerie models to date. So when she seen new opportunities she knew she could contribute to, she quickly signed up.

Model Cynthia
That’s right girls, Model Cynthia and her mom, Model Barbara are set to be featured in the second edition of the modeling bible, which as far as we know, will be a much more in depth look at what we do here at Rich money models. Richards mom, Model Cynthia, lid up the run ways in the 80’s and her mom Barbara modeled and Sang with some of south Florida’s biggest elite of the time, and will be giving young models some insight into beauty modeling and much more , in this new masterpiece. You can Look forward to  never before seen stunning pictures of these beautiful women in the prime of their day.

Model RojaModel Roja gives other models lessons on shooting their own picture profolios. While we don’t recommend this, if you don’t have any pictures or profolio to start with, then the next best thing is “selfie profolios”, Model Roja says.Tips: Try not to have your phone in your pictures. Remember the pro-folios basics, because companies don’t see you first, they see your pictures, and it may sound unfair, but they judge you primarily based on picture pro-folios..

“Take your best curvaceous and wonderful shots because your pictures represent you more then you think. We all are girls and have much in common. So you need to take the sexiest photos to stand out amongst the rest. If you can’t make your pictures look neat, use your timer on your phone to take them, or have your friend shoot some pictures of you.”-Model Roja

Model Marcia

Model Marcia Is ,hands down ,one of the most fiery models to ever walk the Rich money models cat walk. This model has it all. Adventure, spice , beauty and a taste for the wild side!!!! She is being looked at to sign contracts with the likes of Remington and smith and Wesson .




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