Model Nateena

Model Nateena

Rich money model Nateena stars in new video

Rich money models undertook a huge promotional campaign  for model Nateena reaching world audiences in countries like Japan, Germany , England and Canada. This jaw dropping chocolate sensation is a treat for our viewers and customers! They drool at every glance of her splendor!

Model Nateena

Nateena has a beautiful eyes which makes it prominent, her eyes are winged with a curly long lash. They shine so bright blinking every minute almost like a cat. Her beautiful eyes creates magic when captured under full camera light. Her inner under eyes are so black as though it was lined with a black pencil. She is brown skinned with freckles splattered over her face creating an extra aesthetic effect. Each freckles far apart from the other. All looking like it was intentionally designed by an artist. She has a good height which makes her extremely sought after in the industry. She is slender with a broad razor like shoulder with popping collar bones deep enough to hold water.
Her collar bone draws so much attention to her straight shoulder and it gives extra finesse to any ornament placed on it. Her neck is long and slender creating so much space between her shoulder and head.

Her broad shoulders makes every attire sit properly on her, draping perfectly. Her set of teeth are properly arranged which creates a dazzling effect. Her jaw lines are obvious and sharp giving her an almost perfect oval face shape. Her jaw is long when compared to others with a sharp curve beneath it. She has a long nose bridge which looks perfectly contoured and a hollow eyes. She has a perky round breast capped at C-cup with each standing apart from the other. She has a really tiny waist which looks good on every lingerie and bikini.
Her hips are properly curved and looks prominent because of the inch between her thighs. Her butts are round and well placed and also in right proportion with her hips. Her butts gives a perfect fit look to any pant and dress and her hips gives the wanted effect to any dress with slits. Her thighs are almost an inch apart. Her legs are properly toned and long. The inch between her thighs creates an almost bowed effect for her legs.
Her physical features sums up to make her the queen of models. She can struck any pose effortlessly and graciously with a daring stare every now and then. She makes every photography session worthwhile, she poses effortlessly with her freckles creating an extra effect to every shot.

The length of her hair and the color cannot be overemphasized. She has a really long hair stopping just beneath her waist. It suppleness and deep brown color compliments her skin and eyes color perfectly. Her hair makes styling really easy for every stylist because it wraps into any style, with each style sitting perfectly on her head.
Nateena description is incomplete without mentioning her charisma, anywhere she finds herself she tends to blend in and make the environment worthwhile, this is why is is often loved by everyone. Nateena beauty has made it possible for top stylists and photographers to feature her on huge deals and shoots.
Nateena does not only have a good physical feature. She also makes the work environment really conducive and easy. She is well advanced and also a professional. She has graced different modeling jobs and the lens of prominent photographers for years. This length of experience makes the work part and parcel of her. She is always a first pick because of her beautiful features which has earned the title of being special.Nateena will have prime air time on the Rich money models tv net work. This is due to her high audience demand.

In England tourist analyze her image!
Model Nateena  being idolized by patrons in the state capital.Japanese Citizens adore her ritzy sex appeal!

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