Model Naomi Attacks Model Nateena

Model Naomi attacked Model Nateena
today in a short vid where she scratch her coochie at Model Nateena calling her a Bitch.

Model Naomi criticized Model Nateena’s new video , saying Nateena cant dance and has no ass. When asked why she felt so strongly about the situation, she stated, ” Jamaican models eat porridge, thats why they have no energy”.

This really struck us as odd here at Rich money models considering the fact that Model Nateena has a huge audience who loves her because she is smoking hot! But thats not the entire truth. Model Naomi also has a huge audience and she doesnt bite  her tongue or hold her words. Model Naomi is known for her sassiness and when asked if shes worried about Model Nateena’s reaction she stated,” Girl hell no, I will model all over that bitch and any Jamaican bitch who thinks They bad”!!!!

Model Naomi models on them , to a Jamaican song!!!!

Nicole Nicky
Nicole Nicky

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