Model Cynthia

Super Model Cynthia

Model Cynthia was featured in the “lost books of the bible”, giving her expert advice to young models on how to use make up and glam up back stage.  The  ” lost books of the bible” is a new book by rich money models, which gives all other models access to some of the rules, laws and secrets that the rich money models use to stay beautiful, fit and maintain a models luxurious lifestyle.

Rich money models grandmother, Babara king, was also a model and a performer.
From his grand mother, to his mother, he learned the intricacies of how to be a model. Rich money models learned style and perfected fashion under two true Queens of modeling,  from an early age.

Rich money models mother, Super Model Cynthia, adds a touch of magic to the lost books of the modeling bible with her old school wisdom of beauty.

After having a successful modeling career in the 80’s and 90’s, Model Cynthia focuses on advising the careers of up and coming models of our time.

Nicole Nicky
Nicole Nicky

Hi im nicole aka nicky. Im the senior editor for the rich money models empire. I am in charge of a team of 8 writers.

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