Our investors provide the financial Capital that grows and expands our business. We strive to create long-term value for our shareholders by pursuing a strategy that supports a reliable and growing dividend and also allowing for Capital returns through share BuyBacks when appropriate and that delivers profitable growth and capital appreciation over the long run. we compensate our bond holders and other lenders with interest that reflects the Financial Risk they take on a daily basis.

Institutional investors as a whole own approximately 45% of the issued ordinary share capital while Mr Richard Evans owns 55%.

How to become a model by RMM

Getting as much exposure as possible.

List of Investors respective countries:












South Korea





New Zealand

Greece turkey

Spain Belgium

United Kingdom


Worldwide Investors and their respective names:

Abigail Adams

Mitch Alabama

Peter Akinola

Alfonsi Allen

Barbara Amos

Tori Anderson

James Valley

Frank Baker

Steve Bosak

Ann Bangs

Devendra Banks

Tony Ballard

Rebecca Bliss

James Caesar

John Cameron

Albert Cannon

Mariah Carol

Rachel Carter

Pablo Casanova

Edith Covet

Harry Chamford

Maurice Childs

John Cherry

Julia Cho

Childs Romeo

Sarah cease

Arrow Tom

Clark Ramsey

Clinton Brian

Cole Camila

Collision John

Columbus Vernon

Cornstock Douglas

Covington Abraham

Grace Frank

Creek David

Cross Alan

Curry Richard

Daniel Anthony

Darrell Dale

Davis Moses

Dean Jack

Delay Anthony

Depew Callhon

Devon Edgar

Dolphin Donald

Drake Alexander

Durst Dennis

Drier Clint

Early Rodger

Angel Ortiz

Edwin Einstein

George levine

Paul Erickson

Dennis Feldman

Adam Pharrell

Joseph Fielding

Albert Fitzgerald

Gustavus food

Mick Ford

Harry Foster

Gene Foxworthy

Jeff Frank’s

Michael Frandsen

Peter Criss

Bill Fulbright

Robert Fulghum

Margaret Gabrielle

Yuri Gallo

George Cake

Carlos Pollo

Garner Pool

Shane Dickerson

Francis David

Eric Gilmour

John Giuliani

Vincent Goldberg

Andy Goldwater

Samuel Goodman

Ellen Goldsmith

Francisco Graham

Lindsay Green

Matthew Griswold

Josh Goober

Gary Hollis

Alex Hall

Tony Hamilton

Charles handy

Stephen Hart

Roy Hedges

Chris Payne

John Heller

Phil Hendrie

Katherine Huber

Abraham Hicks

Jim Edmond

Christopher Hobbs

Thomas Hoffman

Richard Honda

Bob Harper

Julia Howell

Charles Victor

James Hellis

Route Angie

Eugene Irvin

Shintaro Eaton

Benelli Jackson

Donald Jarrett

Alfred Jaden

Boris Johnson

Erica Joyce

Emmanuel Capital

William Khats

Alan Keats

John keal

John Kelly

Edward keys

Omar Kilmer

leon King

Rudyard calazime

Rodger knuth

Jeff Cruise

Elizabeth Kurtz

Michael Lamb

Mo Dao

Jerry Lawrence

Edward Lee

Doris Lewis

Gordon Lloyd

Seth long Hugh

Lovins Christopher

Ludwig Martin

Peter Anthony

Machado Beu

Makaveli Matt

Manchester Nelson

Manson Bob

Marshall Joshua

Martin Demetri

Martin Abraham

May Joseph

McClung William

McClellan Steve

Murr Freddy

Michelangelo James

Mill Alex

Mitchell Johny

Monroe Charles

Moore Tim

Moore Christopher

Moser Megan

Mulan Tattnall

Connor Oliver

Ken Olsen Bill

Ortiz Jesse

Page Chuck

Parker Isabel

Patrick Paul

Payne John

Pershing Fernando

Petty Michael

Pinker Steven

Plateau Also

Powell Jabe

Che Hang

Anthony Quinton

Gene Juarez

Christopher rexroth

Tim Ritter

Anthony Rogers

Fred Romero

Philip Roy

Lewis Rumble

Willy Russell

Earnest Sade

Louis ondy

George soul

John Shama

Bud sellers

Jack Simpson

Jack saiho

Grace smuts

Kerry Solomon

Thomas Springsteen

James Stone

Johnstone Deborah

Finn Dorothy

Timber Alexis

Lena Travers

Harry Su

John Peter

Valenti Jack

Vance call

Vidal Gore

Van Horn

Jane Wells

leech Warren

Evelyn Webster

David West

John Wilbur

Wilson Michael

Philip Wilson

William yockey

Edward young

Stephanie Zappa

Theodore Ziegler

Phillips zin

Emily Orba and many more. Our investors has reached 13,632 and we expect that number to grow to 20,000 by next year.