Ingrown Hair Treatment New York: Brazilian Bikini Exfoliation Treatment NYC

Ingrown Hair Treatment New York:Brazilian Bikini Exfoliation Treatment in Manhattan NYC

Try Dyanna Spa’s Brazilian Bikini Exfoliation Treatment for the best ingrown hair treatment in New York. For those who want ingrown hairs removed in the bikini area, we strongly recommend this treatment.

Our ingrown hair exfoliation treatment is very similar to a facial. After our esthetician cleanses the area, she applies an exfoliation mask, made from only natural ingredients, to the affected pubic area.
She then removes the ingrown hairs using a sterile disposable needle, and follows this up with a high frequency machine to calm down any inflammation and kill off any bacteria that may still be lurking.

These untamed hairs can appear at any time resulting from coarse, curly hair, tight fitting clothing, or synthetic fabrics. However, the most common cause of this problem is shaving.
Shaving can give rise to razor burn and unattractive red bumps and ingrown hairs, while ingrown hairs can cause pimples, redness, itching and infections — and you certainly don’t want that occurring in your sensitive private parts. That’s why our ingrown hair treatment is so important.

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