huawei mate 8 bypass frp NXT-L29(factory reset protection)unlock

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In this video talked about Huawei Mate 8 nxt-l29 phone frp,that is locked with google id,when we power on phone it asks to login with gmail address that is previously used on this device/mobile.

why it asks to login?
when we hard reset our phone by pressing combination keys,manually and device get suspected about owner thats why its asks to login with last used email.if the owner is same and he/she put same gmail then phone will be unlocked and it can be used normally as usual otherwise one faces FRP problem.
same with all companies that facing different types of problem which is explained as under.

Samsung frp and samsung Reactivation lock
Lg frp
Motorola moto id/ frp lock
Huawei .huawei id,cloud id,frp
Mtk phones. only frp
Blackberry. blackberry id,frp
iphone …icloud id/apple id

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