How to Say "CONGRATS" in Sign Language? Learn in 60 SECONDS or Less!

Welcome to Late Night Signs!

Learn how to say “CONGRATULATIONS” in Sign Language.

The purpose of this video is to teach and educate by means of American Sign Language. Use what you’ve learned with your deaf friends, colleagues, or neighbors today! The beauty about Sign Language is that you can hold a conversation up close and personal or from a distance 🙂

Please keep in mind that the signs presented by Late Night Signs are for your personal uses of the language. Each deaf person signs differently based on their locale, educational background, and dialect (yes, deaf people have accents depending on where they grew up). There may also be multiple signs for one English word- equivalent to how the English language may have various pronunciations for one word.

Though most signs in America are commonly used, some vary depending on the signer. The way Late Night Signs expresses a sign may be different from the way another person signs. It doesn’t make it any less or more accurate.

Be kind in your comments and suggestions as we are all here to learn and grow together 🙂

Enjoy and thanks for watching Late Night Signs!

Stay tuned for more video uploads each week 🙂


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