Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough Mission#5 – Rosewood (HD,60fps)


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“Birdie has sold out Victoria to save his own life. Part of me understands. This was never his fight. I shall deal with him later. For now, all that matters is the girl. I must get to her before Wade and take her somewhere safe. Nobody will stand in my way.”
―Mission description.

Rosewood is the fifth mission in Hitman: Absolution. It consists of three segments: Victoria’s Ward, Orphanage Halls, and Central Heating.

Mission information

Hunter and Hunted takes place in a seedy portion of Chicago, and eventually the Vixen Club. Here Agent 47 is to kill the club owner, Dom Osmond, who has been working as a criminal informant for Blake Dexter.

Agent 47 returns to Rosewood Orphanage to pick up Victoria, but soon after he arrives, Wade and a small army of henchmen attack the orphanage. 47 sends his friend, Sister Mary, who runs the orphanage, to the basement. 47 brings Victoria to an elevator but the power fails and he is forced to go around the orphanage collecting fuses to restore power to the elevator. He is successful, and the elevator descends to the basement, where Wade and Lenny Dexter capture Victoria and Sister Mary. While being taunted by Wade, Lenny Dexter accidentally shoots and kills Sister Mary, which makes Wade proud, and 47 furious. 47 then hunts Wade and incapacitates him. Lenny escapes with Victoria by holding her hostage with a grenade. 47 searches Wade’s body, and finds a clue, a matchbook from the bar The Great Balls of Fire in Hope, South Dakota. 47 also takes the keys to Wade’s car and leaves him to die.

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Game played on PC at 1080p/60fps with all settings maxed out.
Game developer: IO Interactive
Game recorded with Shadowplay.
Video edited with SonyVegasPro13.0.


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