GROW YOUR BOOBS | Chest Workout for Women

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Hello my strong strong friends!
In today’s video, I’m taking you all through a chest workout. Building up your upper body can help round off your shoulder caps, give the appearance of a smaller waist, and building up the chest specifically can build mass to improve posture and give the appearance of bigger boobies.

Of course, for any powerlifters out there, building your chest and improving your pushing muscles will help massively in the bench press, and are essential to rounding out your total.

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Let’s get into the workout:

1. Single Arm DB Floor Press
– 1×10/side
– 1×8/side
– 1×6/side
Ascending weight each set
60-90s rest

– You’ll notice more activated pec isolation with the single arm variation, and I like to do this from the floor for a more stable surface and controlled range of motion.

2. Feet Up T-Shirt Press
– Work up to a heavy 1×5 or 5RM
– Then Back down -15% for 3×7
– 90-120s rest

– First I want to address the powerlifter arch that we commonly see, and I wanted to discuss my form in particular and why it looks the way it does. Women often get called out for their arch because of individual shape. You can see in my demo here, that based on my points of contract in the standard bench press, that my arch mainly follows my natural shape. All lifters should retract their shoulder blades when bench pressing, which will heighten the arch a bit more. And when my hips are down, it heightens again.

– The feet up variation a great way to practice scapular retraction in the bench press without needing to focus on leg drive.

– Still retract the scapula to get in a safe position and keep the focus on staying tight off your chest

– This type of press is one where you just barely touch your t-shirt (or sports bra) when lowering the bar each rep. The reason for doing this is that you’ll get more control and time under tension, and you’ll be able to practice staying tight off your chest.

3. Push Up Progression (2 rounds)
– AMRAP x feet elevated
– AMRAP x flat
– AMRAP x hands elevated (or from the knee)
– Nonstop through the progression (no rest until the full set is done), rest 60-120s rest between rounds

– Be sure to squeeze your core and butt so that you’re not cheating any of these reps, because once you’re gassed and can’t do another rep, you go straight into a drop set, with standard push ups.
– Repeat that process and do as many as possible the the standard position, and then again with either your hands elevated or on your knees.

– Rest 1-2 minutes between rounds so that you’re refreshed, but realize you might not be able to do as many as round 1.

4. Incline DB Fly Stretch
– Use a weight you can hit for a challenging set 6-8 Incline DB Flys
– Perform for a hold for max time in a deep stretch
– Do 2 rounds
– Rest 30-60s rest between rounds

– Stay tight on this maintain tension in the stretch
– Use a light weight for this one, no need to go crazy heavy!



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