Finance Certifications I Financial Modelling Course

This is All-in-One Investment & Finance Certifications Course Which Covers Entire Gamut Of Financial Markets.

Financial Markets & Financial Modelling Course Overview:

Working in top BANKING & FINANCIAL SERVICE Company has been a dream career? If yes, this course is the best fit. This all-in-one INVESTMENT & FINANCE CERTIFICATIONS course contains 11 MODULES and 450+ hours of PRACTICAL TRAINING. During this FINANCIAL MARKETS & FINANCIAL MODELLING COURSE, the candidate will gain complete knowledge about the financial markets, which include the STOCK MARKET, COMMODITY MARKET, CURRENCY MARKET, BOND MARKET, and many more.

The 11 modules covered in this course include:
1. Introduction to Financial Markets
2. Trading in Equities
3. Derivative Pricing & Strategies
4. Global Economy Analysis
5. Advance MS Excel
6. Fundamental Analysis using Financial Modelling
7. Fixed Income
8. Currency
9. Agri & Non Agri Commodities
10. Technical Analysis
11. Article, Blogs & Books Reading

By the end of this course, the candidate will be well trained to clear EXAM-BASED FINANCE CERTIFICATIONS, including NCFM (by NSE Academy), NISM (by SEBI), and Investment Foundation Program (by CFA Institute, USA). Additionally, this course will build-up a strong base for CFA LEVEL 1 exam preparation. Clearing these Finance Certifications Will Help Candidates in Building His / Her Resume

This Financial Markets & Financial Modelling Course will also help students to fleet start their careers in finance and investments with Investment Banks, Private Equity Firms, KPO’s, Banks, Credit Rating Companies, Financial Brokers, Mutual Funds, and many more. Additionally, this course will help candidates to become a professional trader/investor

After completion of this course and subsequently clearing various finance certifications, candidates will be offered 100% Placement/Internship Assistance.

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