FEMALE MODELS 2020 Bikini Fashion Show / Miami Swim USA

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VDM THE LABEL / 2020 Swimwear Collection / Filmed July 14, 2019
NEWSWORTHY Fashion Swimwear Event: Fashion Palette, Paraiso Miami Beach, Miami Swim Week
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This is a bikini swimwear show in 4K, filmed at Miami Swim Week.

Our team shot this footage for you, it is 100% original footage that we edited, and chose the music to create this exclusive experience for you. We don’t share it with anyone, so you know it is unique. We shoot these shows from a press media riser, so other people might publish their video from the same shows, but our footage is unique: We have the best camera angles, best quality, and our edits are fresh and exciting, truly a different viewing experience from other moda channels. Enjoy this swimwear runway show in CRUNCHY 4K!

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