CMG Guitars vs PRS S2? Get your music Mojo back? Studying music in college? ASK RNA #259

01:25 How does that VOLA super strat play?
03:57 How to get your music mojo back?
08:12 Keanu Reeves in the MCU?
13:20 Have we ever been on a fishing trip? Sad Bitter Bass Story!
19:20 Gibson sues heritage? What was my major at University?
26:02 Does RNA Music sell online?
28:08 Weight loss tips we’ve learned over the years?
38:26 Guitar with P90s other than SG or Les Paul what should I look at?
40:07 Do modeling amps need pedals?
41:10 Movies we’re looking forward to after the lockdown?
47:44 Where does our friend Nick live in Germany? Living in Germany is great?
51:35 CMG Guitars vs PRS S2? Affordable USA Guitar differences?
57:58 Biggest interval jump we’ve come across teaching voice lessons?
01:03:57 Shawbucker pickups?

Episode 259 of #ASKRNA


RNA MUSIC is a family owned guitar shop and lesson studio nestled deep in the Heart of Texas. We teach Guitar, Drums/Percussion, Piano, Bass, and Voice lessons. We also are a retailer of guitars, drums, and accessories. Our videos include gear reviews, music lessons, unboxings, family vlogs, business tips, FAQ/ASK RNA, Grilling Adventures, and our student recitals! If you are in Canton, Texas come by and see us!

Ryan & Angela are small business owners, and music teachers in Canton, Tx. Once a week we answer our viewers questions about all kinds of things! Guitars, gear, music, food, movies, star trek vs star wars, owning a business, self employment, being creatives, living in Texas and much more! If you have a question, leave it in the comment section of the most recent ASK RNA episode!

Today we chat about A fishing trip gone wrong, CMG Guitars vs PRS S2, Big vocal leaps in songs, P90 Guitars, pedals and modeling amps, and getting your guitar/music mojo back! Those topics and more Ryan and Angela try to answer in this FAQ video!

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