Model NaomiJordan says “ Model Naomi pictures is all over my city”.

“Since seeing her face everywhere, I have came to like her beauty very much”he said.
Nick enjoys his magazine of Model Naomi Modeling.

Model Naomi kicks off the year, showing off, in the new line of company bikinis by Rich money models.

Our new italian manufacturers from Milan always gives our models great suprisingly comfortable swim wear that fits their taste and style. This bikini is made of 50% Lycra and 50% nylon.

Swimwear fabric should be composed of 100% man-made fibers. Natural fibers such as cotton will absorb water, making it an impractical choice. Look for fabrics that are mostly composed of nylon (from 80% to 90%) but also have a significant amount of Lycra or spandex (10% to 20%).



Nicole Nicky
Nicole Nicky

Hi im nicole aka nicky. Im the senior editor for the rich money models empire. I am in charge of a team of 8 writers.

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