America's Got Talent' Fans Accuse Heidi Klum Of 'bullying And Body-shaming' Contestant

America’s Got Talent’ Fans Accuse Heidi Klum Of ‘bullying And Body-shaming’ Contestant
America’s Got Talent’s judge Heidi Klum is getting a lot of negative response for pressing the buzzer on a dancer. See how fans have reacted

America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum recently got accused of bullying and body shaming a dancer on the show. This happened when Amanda LaCount came to perform on stage, the model didn’t seem too impressed and was also booed by the audience. Many fans of the show also took to Twitter to show their disapproval of Heidi’s reaction over the America’s Got Talent contestant.

Heidi Klum, a German model who is a judge on America’s Got Talent was accused of bullying and body shaming a contestant. The contestant was Amanda LaCount, a 19-year-old from Colorado. When she first came on the stage, Sofia Vergara asked her name and her talent. Amanda explained that she was going to dance and that she was on the show with her mother who had supported her all her life. She also explained that she loved dancing but was discouraged to do so because of her weight. Amanda added how one time a dance studio director had asked her to leave as she looked very different compared to the other girls on the team. She also said that she felt she could be herself on America’s Got Talent and the judges would appreciate her talent.

Amanda then took the stage and surprised everyone with her moves. America’s Got Talent judges Sofia, Simon and Howie all seemed very impressed but not Heidi. Almost at the end of her performance, Heidi hit the buzzer and the audience members started booing her. Many people in the audience seemed shocked and showed Heidi a thumbs down. At the end of Amanda’s performance, she got a standing ovation from all the judges except Heidi. Many people on Twitter thought Heidi Klum was body shamming the contestant.

Many angry fans took to Twitter to point out that Heidi Klum was bullying and body shaming the participant. One fan said – Guess we shouldn’t be surprised the runway anorexic runway model Heidi Klum X the chubby dancer. Many other fans had the same view.

Many people accused Heidi of being unfair and called her out. Fans also said that Heidi Klum was a bad judge and should have no way slammed the buzzer. Though Amanda moved on in the competition, fans of America’s Got Talent weren’t happy with Klum’s behaviour.


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