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❝ the it girl but rated E for everyone ❞


✦ ✧ this sub is 1111% unisex!!

↷ ✎ notes ﹆

❏ please read the desc in its entirety.
❏ listen for however long you like!
❏ cannot be bundled/sped up/layered.
❏ special secret formula upgrade ♡
❏ powerful frequencies playing as well.
❏ built-in dictionary brain programming.
❏ forever lasting subliminal results.
❏ my benefit list is simply a synopsis.
❏ stay fit, hydrated, & keep an open mind.

↷ 〄 benefits ﹆

❏ my moon pearls booster ::
❏ become well known through out all your school, city, and social media platforms.
❏ recognized as the popular, hot, rich student.
❏ be everyone’s favorite person.
❏ adored, idolized, and cherished.
❏ showered in an infinite plethora of compliments, gifts, displays of affection, and attention.
❏ addicting intellectual sense of humor.
❏ alluring, approachable yet haunting aura.
❏ exude ultra seductive pheromones.
❏ powerful presence that strikes intrigue & and completely captivates your targets.
❏ sugar rose love potion (works only on ideal + desired people).
❏ epitome of ethereal picturesque.
❏ be so drop dead gorgeous that you always get mistaken for being a runway model.
❏ charismatic, admirable persona.
❏ eminently euphonious speaking + singing voice.
❏ glamorous resting face, magnetic eyes, and piercing gaze combo.
❏ carry yourself with a princess perfect posture + relaxed, rolled back shoulders.
❏ naturally cat walk with utmost elegance.
❏ radiate exemplary confidence in every action you commit.
❏ professionally cultivated social skills.
❏ feel comfy + calm in public places & around people.
❏ light up a room the very moment you enter.
❏ always be surrounded by genuine, loyal, trustworthy, humorous, fun, good hearted people.
❏ you & your family become magnets for endless riches, loads of money, extreme wealth, and prosperity.
❏ manifest aesthetic clothing, shoes, and accessories.
❏ have your desired scenarios, convos, and interactions come to life.
❏ all the pure good luck in the universe remains at your side.

↷ ✆ extras ﹆

❏ ig:: @amaiamore or @kyutiekiyomi
❏ dm me your results only if your comfy!
❏ email:: mymelodymusic1111@gmail.com
❏ discord:: amai #1652
❏ channel server::

[ cover girl — rupaul ]
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Nicole Nicky
Nicole Nicky

Hi im nicole aka nicky. Im the senior editor for the rich money models empire. I am in charge of a team of 8 writers.

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